A place of refuge for abused, abandoned, neglected and unwanted animals.

PIGS Animal Sanctuary

Briggs animal adoption center

The James P. and Anna C. Briggs Animal Adoption Center and Sanctuary (BAAC) became operational in October 2000, and is named in honor of Mrs. Anna C. Briggs and her deceased husband, Mr. James P. Briggs who, like  Mrs. Briggs dedicated his life to improving the plight of homeless animals in our Nation.

Selby Veterinary Services

One of our veterinary practices that treats the animals at PIGS Animal Sanctuary.

smart signs

Thanks to SmartSign.Com for donating several signs to PIGS.  They have a wide variety of signs and if you are in need of a new sign, please visit their page and show them your appreciation for their support of animal charities.

blue ridge veterinary associates

Wonderful veterinary practice who treats both large and small animals of PIGS.

When Pigs fly.com

"When Pigs Fly"... the flying pig symbolizes an extraordinary achievement where an event previously believed to be impossible has come to pass, and the 2008 election definitely marked the arrival of a truly historic event.  YES WE CAN!

Total Equine Veterinary Associates

PIGS gets to work with some of the best veterinarians in the area and Total Equine Veterinary Associates is one of them.  Be sure to check out their page for more information on some of the services that they offer.


PIGS is always making new friends.  Please take a moment to check out some other sites that PIGS likes to visit....